The following articles have been published in ADVANCE
for Speech-Language Patholigist and Audiologists
Challenging Children
Protecting Against Adverse Effects of Environment and Diet
The Role of Counceling in Practice
Accentuate the Positive in ADD/ADHD Population
Spirituality in Holistic Care
Impact of Gender on Communication Styles
Language can Empower Clinicians in the Therapeutic Process
Secrets of Change Inspiring Students to Want to Improve
Recognizing Diversity in Yourself and Others
Dietary Measures for Prevention and Treatment
Get Physical
Sense of Belonging
Helping to Solve the Riddle of Teen Violence
Language Development And the Learning Process
Sense of Belonging (March, l998)

The following articles were also published in ADVANCE
for Speech-Language Patholigist and Audiologists
They are no longer available on the Advance Website, but may be available in back issues.
A natural Setting Prompts Language Development: (July 1992)
Early identification Crucial to Maximum Development: (Sept. 1993)
Addressing the Psychological Aspects of Speech (May, l993)
Psychological Factors Enrich Therapeutic Process (Feb, l994)br /> Parnership with learning Consultant is Vital for LLD (March, l994)
Speech & Language: The Barometers of mental Health (June, l994)
Recongizing Diversity in Yourself and Others. (Feb, l995)
Advocacy Helps Assure Correct Student Placement (October, l995)
Ethical Issues in Long-Term Care Speeech-Language pathologists Can Make a Difference. (July, l997)